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Payment Details: Your monthly subscription will start immediately and is paid in advance every month. If you wish to cancel, you must do so before this charge takes place. You may cancel at anytime in your backoffice and all future purchases will be stopped. We do not prorate or refund remaining unused time.

Refer 3 and it's free - refers to our affiliate program with a 35% direct commission, helps you earn more than your own subscription fee with 3 "like" referrals. Your payment does not stop for your own subscription. Referrals cannot be used to upgrade an account from Basic to PRO, regardless of number and/or type of referrals.

Refund Policy: We do not refund subscription payments for any reason other than an error on our part of the billing process or the time/date stamp on the cancellation is before the charge on the credit card. There is a convenient cancel link in your back office and we will honor the time and date stamp of this cancellation process as the final determining factor in any refund issue. Stopping your payments is a manual task by a human so if you cancel at 3am and your subscription is on autocharge for 6am that day, chances are good that the charge will hit your credit card before our customer service department can cancel your recurring billing - this is a case where we gladly refund the money because you cancelled before, not after the charge had taken place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give my new reps one of these 10 systems?
It is all explained in your backoffice after you create your account.

What if I cancel my P.R.S. subscription?
We will stop all future payments. You will lose the ability to give systems away and the systems you have given away can upgrade or lose their account.

What if my free users need help with the system?
It is pretty straightforward so this should be a minimum, but ultimately you will be responsible for their support of the system until they become an upgraded paying member of the system. We will support you with our knowledgebase, videos and a support ticket system.

How do I check my referrals?
You have a page in your backoffice that displays all of your referrals.

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