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Introducing the most powerful method ever developed to help Network Marketers grow large organizations and achieve true success. The Perpetual Recruiting System (P.R.S.) is unlike you've ever seen. Quite simply, there is not a more powerful way to just plug-in and succeed available anywhere. Put P.R.S. to work for you and you can experience growth in your organization like never before.

Here's How it Works

It Starts With a Powerful Marketing System

Luckily, we've got the most powerful marketing platform on the planet at your disposal and now each of your new team members can get the same system.

This is a critical component as it gives you all of the tools necessary to showcase your company, products and opportunity.

Lead Capture Pages, Autoresponders, Contact Manager, Page Builder, Mobile Sites and much more is what you will get with our in-house system.

You can use the marketing tools on your own to generate unlimited leads and build a huge pipeline of interested prospects, and so can each member of your team. But now, we've made that even easier for you and each of your new team members to just "plug in and make it go".


Get new recruits instantly productive.

You do not want to slow down any momentum by having to teach/learn the many methods of online marketing, not yet. To learn how to use ALL of the tools in the online marketing system takes time. And, even more time to learn how to properly market your pages beyond your warm market.

So, to get your reps off to a flying start, we are going to do all of the work for them!

Now, P.R.S. does that for you.
Just select a Lead Capture Page - and order your traffic.

Begin Traffic and Marketing of Your Pages

Naturally, we make it easy to hit your warm market, but what if they don't respond?

Easy, simply buy traffic and leads to give yourself an unlimited amount of people to put through your system every month!

In order for any system to work, you need people going through it. This is where most people get stuck. They have no idea how to get traffic to their pages and are reluctant or afraid to learn. Fear not, we'll do it all for you!


Instant Traffic and Leads.

Select your package and hit 'go' it cannot get any easier to get the system to start producing results. You can also get instant traffic from your warm market in a variety on one-click methods inside your backoffice.

Now, everyone can "make the system" work to produce great leads for their business...YOUR business.

Easy one-click traffic options
Just select a Lead Capture Page - and order your traffic.

Your Sales Funnel To Sell Your Opportunity

Most likely we've already got a sales funnel for your particular business, but if we don't, it's easy to create a video and content marketing funnel right inside your backoffice.

This funnel is designed to educate your prospects about your business and persuade them to join!

But, it works way better when you have something that they must act quickly to receive...enter the killer closing tool, P.R.S.!


Get Prospects to TAKE ACTION NOW!

This is the hardest part for most people, they just don't know how to ask people to join their business. Now, it's so simple a kid could do it. Just guide them to your very own branded page that tells them what they will get by joining your team, but only if they act quickly as there is a limited amount of supply that you can give away each month. This amazing offer converts like crazy!

Now, you can offer them a FREE Marketing System (and more) if they JOIN RIGHT NOW!

This marketing system is FREE for them!
We give you a killer page to promote that WILL CLOSE SALES FOR YOU!

Perpetual Recruiting System

What would your team look like if everyone on it was consistently able to get up to 10 new people to enroll per month?

That's the goal of the Perpetual Recruiting System (P.R.S.).

Think of it as the ultimate Pay-It-Forward concept. The more confident your prospect is in terms of "Can I do this? Can I really make money with this?", the better chance you have at sponsoring that person into your organization.

Read about the P.R.S. Closing page and discover a fun, effective new way to get prospects into your business and make you look like a big shot! Not only that, but you'll also be providing them with valuable information, training and tools that will allows them to quickly develop their own business into a solid, thriving organization.

P.R.S. Closing Page

This page will get people to JOIN YOUR TEAM NOW!

A personal branded page that shows what YOU are giving to YOUR new recruits for joining your team.

This is huge and works incredible to persuade them to join!

You are providing over $800 in real value to help each recruit get their business launched in a big way.

They get the system FREE for 90 days.

View the P.R.S. Closing Page

Give Away up to 10 Systems Per Month!

Wow, what would 10 new signups do for you business every month?

Yes, we are investing over $800 into YOUR business. every month to help you and your team create unstoppable success!

You are providing over $800 in real value to help each recruit get their business launched in a big way.

They get the system FREE for 90 days.

If YOU were the prospect, who would YOU join?

Choice 1 - with P.R.S.

  FREE Website Marketing System

  FREE Mobile Marketing System

  FREE Social Media Marketing System

  FREE Email Marketing System

  FREE Text-on-Demand System

  FREE Mobile Video Business Card

  FREE 90 Day Launch Plan

  FREE Online Marketing Training

ALL FREE for 90 days.

Choice 2 - without P.R.S.

  PAY $40/mo. - Website Marketing System

  PAY $10/mo. - Mobile Marketing System

  PAY $30/mo. - Social Media Marketing System

  PAY $25/mo. - Email Marketing System

  PAY $17/mo. - Text-on-Demand System

  PAY $10/mo. - Mobile Video Business Card

  PAY $397 - 90 Day Launch Plan

  PAY $247 - Online Marketing Training

PAY OVER $800 yourself.

By Offering P.R.S. to People Who Join You - You are sponsoring them properly by providing them with the tools, training and system to help grow their business quickly. But more importantly, You are Giving Them Enormous Confidence that they Can Succeed in Your Company, which is when they decide to join!

Get a huge advantage over your competition, with P.R.S.!

Perpetual Recruiting SOLUTION

How to Sign-up 10 New People Per Month

Well, you've only got 10 to give away each month so they need to act quickly before they are gone. Time is of the essence and once your prospects understands that (by viewing the Closing Page), they will act quickly.

YOU are in control of what qualifies - but they must join your company.

Watch how quickly your group can grow with P.R.S.!
Go Perpetual!

These represent the 10 New Recruits You Enrolled This Month by Using Your Personal P.R.S. Closing Page (potentially, of course).

A few of those 10 will become serious about their business and want their own P.R.S.

P.R.S. then helps duplicate right away as your new recruits also now have an effective way to sponsor up to 10 people per month.



Imagine what can happen in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or more!


Now, let's summarize what you've just read

It's a Complete Marketing Solution

You Get a Powerful Marketing System to Grow Your Business

Push-button Leads and Traffic

You Get Plug N Play Leads and Traffic for Yourself to consistenly find 10 per month that will accept your generous offer.

Offer FREE 90-Day System to Enrollees

Get up to 10 People to Sign-up Into Your Downline PER MONTH By Offering a FREE Premier Marketing System and Leads Package to Help Them Grow Their Business.


These People Then Start from Point 1 and Repeat the Process! It's Perpetual!

Ready for 10 New Recruits Per Month?

Special Offer.

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