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3 steps to Success with P.R.S.!

The Perpetual Recruiting System is a fully customizable turnkey marketing solution. From Generating Leads to Closing the Sale, this system covers the serious network marketer's online, mobile, social marketing needs and more in almost every conveivable way. PRS remains simple and easy to use at its core, yet incredibly powerful and scalable as your marketing needs grows. Read on to discover exactly how it can help you build your networking marketing business.

STEP 1 - Generates Leads

Finds People Looking to Earn Money from Home/Online

These videos and pages will help you generate prospects looking for a home-based business.

There are dozens of pages to choose from and they collect the prospect's Name, Email and Phone Number on most pages.

We make it very easy for you to promote these pages yourself with many one-click buttons for social media promotion and more.

Prospect starts receiving custom emails from you, an autoresponder campaign, that you create or select (full email platform included).

All leads are delivered to you instantly.

Done for you options:

1. Order Home-based business leads, imported into your account for easy pitch and follow-up.
2. Order Targeted Traffic to any page within your system.

Step 2 - Gives instant full presentations

The PRS Tour Intro Video and Included Marketing Page tells the prospect what to expect before they begin your tour. It's the perfect segway to your company video tour.

Create YOUR Tour with up to 5 Videos.

Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. to give your prospect's a complete overview of your business.

Step 3 - Closes Prospect with FREE 90-Day Launch System

These pages describe everything YOU are going to GIVE to them, BUT ONLY WHEN THEY JOIN YOUR TEAM.

Since you have a limited number of FREE systems to give, your prospects will ACT NOW so they don't miss out. Give 10 or up to 15 FREE systems or more per month!

YOU are offering them over $800 in tools, services and training for FREE to help them get off to a fast start with your company!


So don't Wait, Get Your PRS SYSTEM NOW and start getting more prospects to say "yes!"

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